Your Donation Impacts Chorale’s Future

Fill your life with music. Fill your heart with harmony.

Listen to the sounds around you: ocean breeze, symphonies.

Fill your life with music. Melodies are in the air.

Celebrate the sounds around you, anytime, anywhere.

Music, the greatest gift of all, calms the angry soul.

Renews my spirit, brings me peace. Music makes me whole.

Fill your heart with harmony. Melodies abound around you.

Harmonies resound around you. Treasure all the sounds around you.

This is why we sing.

These beautiful lyrics from the song, Fill Your Life with Music by Sally Albrecht and Jay Althouse — a song they composed four years ago to celebrate NPC’s 30th anniversary — express the reasons why singing is so important to all of us. Not being able to sing and perform together for the past year and a half has been difficult for all of us in so many ways. We miss weekly rehearsals; we miss Cindy’s directing us and never giving up until we sing each phrase well; we miss Kristen’s amazing accompaniment; we miss the sound we make together; we miss performing for our community; and we miss connecting with each other. 

While the pandemic has temporarily stopped rehearsals and performances, Chorale business has not stopped. Your board has continued to hold regular monthly meetings to plan concert programs, secure rehearsal space and concert venues, take care of any finance issues, and monitor advice from medical experts to determine when and how it will be safe to hold rehearsals and concert performances. In addition, board members reorganized and updated the NPC music library and website, approved the purchase of new fall season music, and approved investing our small endowment fund with a new vendor. Also, we cannot forget that our director, Cindy, spent hours creating tutorials to help us learn our parts for the spring concert music. 

During the pandemic, we have been able to cover Chorale expenses with the money we have in our Chorale account, but because we have not collected dues and have received only one or two donations for the past 18 months, it is getting harder to meet our expenses and preserve enough funds in our operating budget to begin the next season. We need your help! Your financial support is key in helping us take care of financial obligations and maintaining the level of excellence so important to all of us.

A donation from you in any amount will have an impact on the future of the Chorale. You can make your donation on our website at, or you can send your check to the following address: Northeast Piedmont Chorale, P.O. Box 551, Louisburg, NC 27549. Don’t forget that NPC is a non-profit organization under the IRS Section 501(c)(3), so your donations to the Chorale are tax deductible. 

Thank you for your dedication to the Northeast Piedmont Chorale. 

With Warmest Regards,

C. Edwards, J. Finegan, J. Frazier, H. Jackson, J. Miller, K. Moore, M. Roberts, C. Rogers, P. Scott