A Message from Our Board — August 2021

In a special meeting on Sunday, August 22, 2021, the Northeast Piedmont Chorale Board decided to postpone the beginning of the fall 2021 season until such time as it is deemed safe for Chorale members to return to singing mask free. The driving force behind this decision is that we do not want to risk the health and safety of our members. 

In making this decision, the board considered the growing spread of Covid-19 and its variants and the danger it poses to all Chorale members in a rehearsal setting. Another contributing factor was the requirement to wear masks for all activities in public indoor spaces. Wake Forest and other cities/towns in Wake and surrounding counties have put mask mandates in place. Because wearing a mask poses a concern regarding the quality of singing, the board prefers to wait until we no longer must wear masks for rehearsals.

As our president said in a special letter to our members, “Having come so close to returning, we are all heartbroken at this necessary decision. Only time will tell how quickly we can get through this next challenging phase and how soon we can get back to singing.” We all hope it can be sooner than later, but we are prepared to wait until we learn from the CDC that it is safe for all of us to rehearse together again. 

Until that time, keep checking this site for the latest updates.