Chorale Awaits Chance To Gather Again

Whether you are a member of the Northeast Piedmont Chorale, someone who is considering singing with our group, one of our audience members who wonders where we are, or one of many generous donors just checking on us, you’ve come to the best place to get the latest information!

The NPC is taking a hiatus from rehearsing and performing as we have joined choirs worldwide in exercising caution to keep our members and audiences safe during the pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19. We suspended our rehearsals early in March 2020, and our 2020 concerts were cancelled along with our Spring 2021 concerts. Our hearts are broken, but we have been putting safety first.

More details are in our June 8, 2020, post titled “A Message from the Board.” But, in short, scientists and medical experts have been sharing critical information about the spread of the virus through singing. Our board easily concluded that there really is no safe way for choirs to rehearse together until there is an effective vaccine or treatment. Likewise, attending public performances of any kind puts our audience at risk. Since that posting, we’re pleased to report progress is being made. Vaccines are now being administered, and there is hope that the wait to return to singing (and a more normal life!) is coming to an end sooner rather than later.

In lieu of rehearsals, our Board of Directors has been very busy during this time, meeting regularly through teleconferences to discuss when it will be safe for us to resume rehearsals and plan our next events. Our singers have also been gathering via teleconferences during the pandemic as we all eagerly await a return to singing for our great audiences.

We would love to hear from all of you who have a love for singing and for our Chorale. You are invited to email your ideas to 

This paragraph, from a previous post on this website, bears repeating again right here: In “these uncertain times,” we can still be certain of this: the music we love, the gifts we share, and the family with whom we share it are still vital and relevant and present. If distance is the only thing that separates us, we’re blessed. We will still be a singing family. We share our voices, our struggles, our time and our talents to bring joy to audiences who love and appreciate the same beautiful art form that we offer. Through this time, individually and corporately, we will learn, we will sing, we will work, and we will grow. For now, our path may not be clear, but our purpose and our destination is sharply in focus: We WILL do this again, and we will do it better than ever!

We eagerly await the day!